Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Top 5 Yoga Poses for Beginners.

Top 5 Yoga Poses for Beginners. If you are a beginner at yoga and want to try it out but things like time issues and your budget does not allow you to join a yoga class then do not worry you are at right place. Today in this article we are going to tell you about best top 5 yoga poses you should try at home while being a beginner.

1. Plank Yoga Pose.

Plank pose is the perfect posture to learn straight from the get-go, as it’s the epitome of a yoga practice foundation. It helps us prepare for chaturanga dandasana, reverse plank, all inversions, arm balances, and a whole lot more.

2. Low Plank or Chaturanga Dandasana Yoga Pose.

Chaturanga, low pushup, or low plank, is a pivotal posture to understand, practice, and integrate into your daily yoga life. It’s part of the commonly practiced sun salutation, the sequence that’s infused into every vinyasa/power flow style class across the world.

3. Puppy Pose or Uttana Shisoshana Yoga Pose.

Puppy pose is a mega chest and shoulder opener, if you can’t already tell by the photo below. From the outside, it’s easy to confuse this posture as looking/feeling effortless, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.
The average person lives their life with the shoulders hunched forward and the heart closed off. When asking our bodies to do the exact opposite, it can feel/be a tad overwhelming + vulnerable. And that’s perfectly okay.
I’d guess that 99% of yogis experience this, me included.
Take this posture slow, incorporate a block under the head at first, and remember to breathe!

4. Lotus Pose or Padmasana Yoga Pose.

Lotus pose is one of those iconic, see it everywhere, printed on t-shirts, looks super peaceful kinda poses. But for how popular the posture is, it’s quite the biotch to actually get into.
Padmasana requires open hips, flexible knee joints, and a strong back. If you attempt this and get nowhere near it, it’s all good.

5. Warrior 3 or Virabhadrasana III Yoga Pose.

Warrior 3 asks us to practice extension + expansion + balance all at the same time. Like many of the poses above, it will require consistent patience and practice to embody the full expression.
And while we journey to this place, let’s practice enjoying the ride!
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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

3 Best Yoga Videos for Beginners

Are you a beginner in a case of yoga and you are searching on internet for best yoga videos for beginners, then my friend you have came to the right place. Here we researched and collected top 5 best yoga videos for beginners to make that query easy for you. let us get started.

Morning Yoga Workout

This video for yoga beginners is represented by Boho Beautiful on youtube. it is a 17:11 minute long video with detail explanation for yoga for beginners.

Click here to see the video  - Boho Beautiful

Yoga for Complete Beginners

This Video is represented by one of the biggest fitness you tuber Yoga With Adriene. In this video she has explained in detail how to start yoga if you are a complete beginner.

Click here to see the video - Yoga With Adriene

Yoga for Complete Beginners

This is one of the oldest video on youtube uploaded 7 years ago by Yoga Practice Video - Yoga Vidya. Just like the saying 'old is gold' this old video about yoga for beginner is also a gold. go check it out if you are a total beginner.

Click Here to See the Video - Yoga Practice Video - Yoga Vidya

So if you are a total beginner and want to learn yoga and a proper way to start it, go check these videos out and thanks for reading our article. Do not forget to share it with your loved ones.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

3 Best Free Yoga Classes Tutorial on YouTube.

Are you searching for free yoga classes online for beginners? Then you have come to right place. Today here, we are going to show you 3 best yoga video tutorials on YouTube. Nearly most people want to do or try yoga but there are not much free yoga classes available for beginners, which are legit or easy to understand on internet. So we did that tough work for you to find those easy and legit tutorials about free yoga class’s tutorial from YouTube then let us begin.

 1.      Yoga with Adriene

She is one of the best Yoga Teachers available on YouTube who provides free yoga classes and tutorials through her awesome videos.

2.      PsycheTruth

They run a fitness channel while providing many types of exercises tutorials and fitness mantras and yes they provide best free yoga classes tutorials from a very long time.

 3.      SarahBethYoga

She is also a yoga trainer and a you tuber who post free yoga videos almost every week. So if you want to learn yoga from scratch, then you surely do not want to miss her yoga tutorials.


This list about best free yoga classes tutorial on you tube was listed by our author and researchers to give you the best quality and easy yoga for beginner videos possible. Thanks for reading and do not forget to share this article with your loved ones. 

Monday, 16 April 2018

What is Kundalini Yoga & its Benefits

Kundalini yoga and its benefits

In this article, you will learn about kundalini yoga and its benefits. Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of self-awareness. It was first introduced to the West by Yogi Bhajan. This practice combines yoga posture, mantra meditation, mudras and breathing techniques to achieve physical and mental balance. This yogic practice is specifically design to activate the flow of vital energy, also known as kundalini, through the body. As with other types of yoga, the key is t listen to your body to discover what series of postures, also known as kriyas, works best for you. Kriya, which is sanskrit for "action" or "effort" is a posture designed to balance and harmonize the body. As you move through each kriya, the idea I to synchronize your breath and voice with posture to affect subtle positive physical and mental changes within the body. There are various Kundalini Yoga poses such as Triangle, Cow and Downward Facing Dog. However, unlike other yogic  traditions Kundalini Yoga places an accentuated focus on the spiritualside, the breath and the meditation. Meditation is often used to awaken one's Kundalini energy, or life force. This awakening may manifest through visions spontaneous vocal expression and uncontrollable physical movements, such as trembling. The benefits of Kundalini Yoga are:

1.       It increases mental focus.

1.       It reduces stress.

1.       It strengthens immune and nervous system function.

1.       It increases lung capacity and spine flexibility.

1.       It promotes joint health.

1.       It normalizes endocrine function.

However there are some risks also associate with Kundalini Yoga such as heart palpitations, headache, pronounced sweating and depression. So it is important that you practice it under the supervision of a master kundalini yoga trainer.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

What is the Meaning of Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a technical core, Ha means solar energy and Tha means lunar energy. So Hatha Yoga is the practice to balance your lunar and solar energy, that's the meaning of the Hatha Yoga. The Hatha Yoga depends on the lunar and solar energy. So lunar energy representing Moon energy and left nostril of breathing and Solar energy representing right nostril of breathing. To balance right and left nostril breathing, means balancing right and left side of brain, means balancing IDA and PINGALA NADI to raise your SUSHUMNA NADI to get enlightened.

How can you Balance your Solar Energy and Lunar Energy?

Hatha Yoga

The chant and movements you do the in Hatha Yoga, you do all the Direction, Your spine is moving and in the end ANULOM VILOM PRANAYAMA with meditation. Anything you are working in the yoga practice, its helping to balance your lunar and solar energy. And this is very important when you teach or when you practice to understand behind of the posture, what this posture are doing to my energetic system. In modern yoga is a person forgetting about the pose they are doing, what is behind the pose Structure and how to do it correctly and then these things get messy. So sequence is very important in your practice to balance your lunar and solar energy otherwise it can get mix-up.

How can you access the Solar Energy and Lunar Energy in your Body?

Hatha Yoga

That energy always is happening automatically but sometimes it gets mixed up according to our way of the living in this world. if you are living very stressful so lunar or solar energy just get messy then yoga can help to balance it.

So the right nostril is solar energy and left nostril is the lunar energy. When you start to pay attention or you start to work with them like a ANULOM VILOM PRANAYAMA, or you do BRAHMA or TRIKON ASANA they all are a start to balance your lunar and solar energy.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

What is Ashtanga Yoga & its Types

What is Ashtanga Yoga & its Types

What is ashtanga yoga ? Today I would like to speak about a subject, which is not so well known because of recent developments. I'm talking about ashtanga-yoga,  Ashtanga Yoga means Eightfold yoga. so the reason why I say recent developments,  I know that one school has branded the name and it means a certain kind of yoga that they do, but Ashtanga Yoga dates back to the time of Patanjali and when he put the yoga into 8 steps.  8 steps that you can do to become a realized person, so in a nutshell these eight steps are as follows.

The First two are Called Yama and Niyama

The First two are Called Yama and Niyama

And these are moral principles, principles of good conduct and actually the idea is not that you're going to follow a rule because you have to follow a rule, but Yama is the first part, these are principles which help you to get in harmony with the society around you and the Niyama which is the second step, these are principles which help you to become harmonious with your own self and based on this platform of harmony inner and outer, then you begin the other steps so what are the other steps in Eightfold yoga.

The Third Step is Asana

The Third Step is Asana

So this is the most commonly known step of yoga and these are the yoga postures and the reason why yoga postures are important is because they help to maintain your body in good health because if you're aching and breaking and shaking and all these things. If your knee is hurting, your back is hurting, your kidneys are hurting and all your organs are in decay, you won't be able to reach bliss because one thing which is very important that people should understand that the path of yoga and the path of realization is a long and hard one. you're not going to complete it in three weeks, you have to complete it within your lifetime, so you have to extend your lifetime so the role of asana and which is accompanied by proper diet and other physical benefits physical practices. these are the things that are very important.

The Fourth Step is Called Pranayama

The Fourth Step is Called Pranayama

This is the control of the vital energy through the control of the breath and the reason why this is an important practice is because our mind is deeply connected with our breathing and so when our mind is racing out of control usually our breath is also racing out of control and when our breath becomes calm the mind becomes calm, so the Yogi's know technique in the pranayama,  how to bring the breath to a standstill and when the breath comes to a standstill, the mind comes to a standstill and with that still mind the yogi can concentrate and this brings them to the next steps because the next steps have to do with the meditation aspect of yoga. We don't make a distinction, we do yoga and we do meditation, actually it's all part of one system.

The Fifth Step is Pratyahara

The Fifth Step is Pratyahara

It means to withdraw our attention, from the external world because when you sit down to meditate if you're thinking about the garbage-truck outside and the people who are talking and chatting and all the other things that are around you the big city around you, you can't focus so we have to withdraw and in the process of meditation which you can be you can learn from a proper teacher, you can learn how to withdraw and really you feel alone and you'll feel like you're the only one on this earth, so this is called pratyahara.

The Sixth Step is called Dhaarana

The Sixth Step is called Dhaarana


Or concentration, so to bring the mind to one point, bring it to one place because normally our feeling spread out over our whole body. but when we meditate, we want to bring it in one place, we have to withdraw our feeling  and bring it into one point and this is the practice of Dhaarna.

The Seventh Step Dhyana

The Seventh Step Dhyana

It is another practice that follows dhaarana, because when we have it in one point what are we going to do with that, that mind and the goal of the yogi is to direct the mind towards the Cosmic Consciousness,  because this is what yoga really means, union of the individual consciousness with the cosmic consciousness. So when you practice Dhyana, it is really the Sanskrit word for meditation the means in meditation and we practice Dhyana, then you're making the mind move in an unbroken flow towards the supreme consciousness. So this is Dhyana.

The Eighth Step Samadhi

The Eighth Step Samadhi

And finally if you're successful in your Dhyana. Then you have a feeling of a merger or a feeling of oneness with the Cosmic Consciousness and one of the names for this experience is called Samadhi. So there is different kinds of Samadhi but the basic idea of Samadhi is that your mind even merges into the cosmic mind or your soul merges into the cosmic soul and this is the goal of yoga.


So i strangle, Yoga is really eight steps Yama and niyama the principles of proper conduct or to get you in harmony then asana which is the yoga postures to make your body perfect and healthy for a long time and then we reach the steps of concentration and meditation with pratyahara and pranayama which is the with and Dhaarna which is concentration and finally Dhyana meditation and Samadhi. 

Saturday, 31 March 2018

9 Health Benefits of Yoga

The health benefits of Yoga, it is an ideal exercise to body and mind practicing yoga. It offers a number of health benefits, including a healthy and strong body, peace of mind, increased focus and concentration, etc. Yoga has its significance since ancient times and it is true that yoga has helped many of us to live calm and peaceful lives. Let's take a look at nine proven health benefits of yoga.

Number one - Improves your flexibility & posture

Improves your flexibility and posture you only need to include yoga and your daily routine to benefit from a body that is strong supple and flexible regular yoga practice stretches and tones the body muscles and also makes them strong it also helps improve your body posture when you stand sit sleep or walk. This would in turn help relieve you of body pain due to incorrect posture

Number two – Lowers blood sugar

Lowers blood sugar yoga lowers blood sugar and LDL bad cholesterol and boosts HDL good cholesterol. In people with diabetes Yoga has been found to lower blood sugar in several ways by lowering cortisone adrenaline levels encouraging weight loss and improving sensitivity to the effects of insulin get your blood sugar levels down and you decrease your risk of diabetic complications such as heart attack, kidney failure and blindness.

Number three- Weight loss

 Weight loss Yoga for weight loss can be effective it can help you boost your metabolism and build stronger muscles two things that are essential for weight loss, if you start to eat more whole organic foods while performing a daily yoga routine you'll be more likely to see the pounds come off quicker.

Number four- Better breathing

 Better breathing yoga includes breathing practices known as Piranha Yama which can be effective for reducing our stress response improving lung functions and encouraging relaxation many piranha Yama's emphasize slowing down and deepening the breath which activates the body's parasympathetic system or relaxation response by changing our pattern of breathing we can significantly affect our body's experience of and response to stress.

Number five- Circulation

 Circulation Yoga improves blood circulation by transporting nutrients and oxygen throughout your body yoga practice provides healthier organs skin and brain.

Number six - Energy

Energy regular yoga practice provides consistent energy in fact most yogi state that when you perform your yoga correctly you will feel energized after your yoga session rather than tired.

Number seven- Yoga naturally reduces pain

 This is one of the most important health benefits of yoga there are countless that is proven that Yoga can be very effective at relieving pain, it doesn't matter if you suffer from fibromyalgia arthritis or migraine headaches Yoga has been proven to effectively reduce pain from all these ailments and if you are one of the millions of people that suffer from back pain yoga can make that pain practically disappear.

Number eight- Cardiovascular conditioning

Cardiovascular conditioning even a gentle yoga practice can provide cardiovascular benefits by lowering resting heart rate increasing endurance and improving oxygen uptake during exercise .

Number nine-Mental sharpness

Mental sharpness regular practice of yoga has been shown to help with memory and concentration and even in recent studies it's been shown to help prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease.